Meet Luna

The tech running Unity on HTML5, right here ↑

Pure JS build

Luna converts Unity projects into a pure JS solution (no Emscripten involved!) running on a modified version of Playcanvas engine. As a result, the performance and build size are as efficient as they would be with a bespoke HTML5 solution.


Build with Unity, deploy to web

Luna supports a great variety of Unity features, including UI elements, Mecanim and legacy animations, MonoBehaviour scripts, custom materials (and custom shaders too!), lightmaps, networking, asset bundles... In other words, no need to change your development practices – focus on creativity and your favourite tools.

Unity web


Textures are re-compressed to PNGs and JPGs, sounds become MP3s, scenes and objects are in JSON formats – all of that means Luna output takes full advantage of built-in support for assets found in modern browsers, which greatly reduces download time and increases performance.


...and developer-friendly

C# code gets converted to equivalent JS constructs using Bridge.NET framework. As a result, all your game scripts are readable and debuggable in browser, running at a speed a native JS solution would. And this is just about 400kb static fee!

Csharp to js

Start hacking

Maybe you didn't notice a tiny logo animation that's done using Luna; don't miss the one on the right, though. Have a look, get inspired and contact us – beatiful things are just around the corner!

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