Custom Software Development

By the time we meet you’ll probably have a vision about what custom written software can do for your business

We’ll work together to challenge, explore, mirror back your requirements and open up areas for further discussion. We are used to business-critical software development and taking on demanding projects that others don’t. Sometimes we are the only people with the technical competency to do the job.

Our systems are reliable and fast, look great and are loved by their users and their user’users. Our software development engineers live and breathe technology and the beauty of code.

On The Spot Development prides itself on being a truly responsive and trustworthy partner. By using the same company to create bespoke software and manage the servers has some very valuable benefits.

We don’t have to contact a hosting company to get something fixed, when we manage your infrastructure it is never anyone else’s fault or a problem if something needs fixing. Bespoke software needs bespoke infrastructure management and we’re here to ensure that everything is managed seamlessly from end to end.

Technologies Available

Ruby, Ruby on Rails Ruby, Ruby on Rails
JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Opal JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Opal